Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Break

Today begins my October Break. I am one of a few or, as some of us are saying, one of the cool people who has stayed on campus for the break. It is a few day of quiet relaxation. I know of only one person on my floor who is here for the break and may have heard sounds of another person but I do not know. Last night I was the only one in my triple. I turned out the lights and was climbing into bed when I heard the crinkle of paper behind my back. I reached behind me and used my iPod as a light source. I had thought that maybe Bethany or I had somehow lost a piece of homework in my bed and I was just now finding out but it wasn't. Instead it was a lovely note from my wonderful roommates :)

When I awoke this morning there was considerably more sun than there is now and there is expected to be for the rest of the break. In fact I woke up thinking the tree out the window was on fire. The light had hit the tree just right to make the orange and red colors of the leaves appear like fire. It was really neat to see.

Being alone in the triple doesn't have the same empty feeling to it that it did when I came a week before school started and there wasn't much in it but there is still a sense of something missing. Must be due to all the time I spend with my roommates. Not much planned for break but I will think of something to do. I know at some point Stephen, Ben, and I will play Carcassonne but that is all I know for certain that I will do this break.

Time to get back to thinking of things to do. TTFN.