Sunday, October 12, 2014

Midterm Survival

I survived! Or I think I survived my midterms. Over the last 2 weeks I had 4 exams. It was nice to get to the end of last week and realize I had a free weekend. No exams this week! We also had a short day Friday so I ended up going out to lunch with a couple classmates. Not much else to say in terms of school.

Food animal club has had wonderful Friday morning breakfasts. Not only that but I was able to do a TB wetlab where I learned about TB testing for cattle and even got to practice giving a TB test. I used a saline solution instead of the normal TB test but it was fun all the same. Surgery club had the introductory labs for first years. I learned how to do one-handed and two-handed hand ties. Then we had an instrument handling lab where I was refreshed on how to hold surgical instruments and how to do sutures. They were a lot of fun.

My big got me involved with the kick boxing group the second years started last year. Within the last couple weeks it became an UKBAF certified group and we can test for belts. What is really neat is the person training us was trained by Eddie Mapula who is a grandmaster.

I started looking for a car. According to my mom this won't be my first car because the family car with the one red door was the car I was always driving around back home. But this car will be the first car that I own so I am considering it my first car. I decided to enlist the aid of my grandfather who lives a couple hours away. 2 days after asking for some help he called me up to tell me I own a car. Apparently some friends of his from church were looking to sell a car and next thing you know, my grandfather had bought the car. Now to get the title transferred and buy some car insurance. Then when I come back from their house at Thanksgiving, I will have a car.

If you have any questions or want to know something specific about life in vet school let me know.