Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Art of Giving

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family.  Then I decided that since I was home and didn't have that much I needed to do I would start working on some Christmas projects.  I ended up creating 8 Christmas ornaments that I will take back to school with me and give out to 8 lucky individuals.

First four of the 8.  The top right is like my four seasons quilt except in just winter.

For the backs I ended up using a fabric that had snowflakes and made sure each one had a large snowflake. I then put my name and the year on each back.  Sometimes I had to get creative about where I put it so it could be seen.

Last four of the 8.

Back of the last four.

These all came out very well.  For all those who are wondering about how long these took me I think I spent 18 or so hours working on all 8 of these.  In all it doesn't take me that long to make one.  The length of time varies depending on how detailed I want to be and how involved the design I have in mind is.

These ornaments will be given out during one of my regular 'drops.'  Throughout the semester I have given some of the girls I know, who live in the dorms cookies with encouraging notes.  It all started last semester with a couple girls who lived on my floor.  They were in East Meets West, which is the honors program I did, and had papers to write on the weekends.  Knowing what they were going through I anonymously made goodies and left them outside their doors with notes.  Eventually they found out it was me and I have been doing it ever since.  Fridays have become cookie days and I have expanded the number of people I give cookies and notes to.  At the end of December though, I will be graduating so I won't be around to give them goodies anymore.  For the last 'drop' of the year I have cooked up something special and hope they all will like it.  I have enjoyed giving to these girls and encouraging them throughout the semesters.

My next project will be caramel corn.  However, there isn't much room in the car that is going back to school so I will just end up making it there.  I have a lot to make this year.  I have a request to provide some for "The Biggest Bestest Christmas Party Ever" that is taking place at my house hosted by two of my housemates.  Every year they have one and it just keeps getting bigger.  I then have lots of other people I want to make caramel corn for.  When I am done making it at school I get to go home and make even more.  Although I get tired of making it, I enjoy seeing the people I give it to enjoy it and that is what makes it worth going to so much effort to make it.

Just three weeks of classes and finals left before I am done with my undergrad years.