Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times

It's been far too long and so much has happened (some bad, some good, and some amazing). I guess I'll start from where the last post left off and do it in sections.

The Bad: My Dad

A lot of people will know what this update is about. It's not one people like to hear either. On February 5, 2014, after a lengthy battle with cancer, my dad is at peace and is with God. Before he went he knew I had been accepted to vet school and that I would be going to The OSU CVM. Our family has been asked a lot how we are doing. Although we explain we are fine they don't get it. We knew it was coming. The chemo was only an effort to extend his quality of life and not a cure. As such we came to terms with him being gone before he died. We also have hope because we will see him again when it is our turn to be called to go home to God. I think the people constantly asking us how we are doing don't understand that hope. Yes, while it is tough without him we can still be happy. I miss him everyday (some more than others) and wish he could still be here but am glad that I was able to have him around for the 17 extra years he was given.

The Good: Quilting
After going back to Houghton, NY for a friend's wedding I finally came up with some sketches for a quilt challenge I was given. A friend I met at youth group over this past year challenged me to create a 3D tree quilt. I took that and decided to do a hybrid 2D/3D quilt with the tree being mostly 3D. Here are the sketches:
The tree-like blob in the middle of this one is where the tree will go. The tree will be on a hill in front of a lake. The lake will be surrounded by mountains and there will be a sunrise. The background will be flat compared to the tree.

This tree is a sketch of what the previous blob will be. It is really hard to draw a 3D tree so this 2D tree currently represents it. It is based off of the Tree of Life in the Field of Dreams in Houghton, NY. That tree is a bur oak. I still haven't decided what season I am going to have the scene be in. To simplify things I may have it in winter or in fall but with all the leaves already off. It is my hope that during my vacation weeks before I move in mid-August, that I will be able to create and finish this quilt so that I can have a new quilt in my new room.

The Amazing: Veterinary School

I GOT IN!!!!!!!! I was invited to interview at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in November. I chose December 18 as my interview date. I flew out the day before. I was supposed to get into Akron, OH around dinner time and then I would have dinner with my grandparents. Due to weather issues my connecting flight in Philadelphia didn't make it to the airport. I had rushed off my flight from Manchester because we left late and had gotten in just in time for boarding to start on my connecting flight. I got to the gate to find we had no plane and it was up to us to find a new flight. I called the number I was given only to find out I had been rescheduled on the later flight into Akron. God was looking out for me!

The next day Grandpa and I drove 2 hours to Columbus for my interview. I made sure to review my applications and everything I knew about the field of vet med. I prayed before my interview. Normally during an interview I an fidgety and nervous. Not this time. God settled my nerves and I was able to keep eye contact and have a conversation with my two interviewers which was a completely different experience from my last interview there. The flight home the next day I had no problems and even got in early.

I didn't expect to hear back until February but I was in for a surprise. On December 23rd, I had a message on my phone from Dr. Lord wanting me to call back. Unfortunately I couldn't call back that day and she wasn't going to be back in the office until after Christmas. I looked online the next day to see what my application status was only to find I WAS IN! Then in February I got an email saying I was going to receive a $10,000 scholarship for my first year for being an outstanding applicant!

Since then I have found a place to live with three current vet students only 10 minute walk from campus. I have met some classmates on facebook, bought OSU football tickets, got a book and supply list, and had a pre-orientation course. Recently the schedule for the year has come out. Things are picking up and I am looking forward to moving to Columbus in mid-August. God is so good!!! He knew I was needed at home this past year but that I am meant to be a veterinarian.


I will try to keep posting on life as it happens. From rabbits, cows, dogs, etc to exploring Columbus, meeting new friends, and hopefully still quilting. Until then take life as it comes knowing each day can be a wonderful day no matter what happens and that God is there with you walking by your side and crying when bad things happen to good people. Until then