Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rest, Relaxtion, Recharging

I meant to be better after the last post and post something before a month had gone by but alas I did not. That is alright though because there is not too much to say. After Thanksgiving it was study time. Finals were approaching and there was a lot to study in a short amount of time. I ended up having five finals over five days with a weekend in between the 2nd and 3rd finals. The final I most dreaded was on a Friday and is the one I spent the most time studying for. After it was over I was burnt out and spent less time studying for each successive final. In fact my last final I barely studied for. Overall I did well in my semester and as much as I want to take the credit for I can't. The reason I did so well is because of God and trusting him through out the semester to help me get where I needed to be.

The day after my last final I flew to NH to be with family. I ended up getting in six hours after I had planned due to a loose antenna on the plane and then the glue needing to dry. As disappointed as I was to have to miss bowling with friends I was still glad that I at least made it to NH. Christmas is not only a time to remember Christ's birth but it is also a time of laughter in our house due to my dog Ginger. Despite all that has happened, this year was no exception. We joke that Ginger's favorite time of the year is winter because she loves to sit out in the cold, looking at the world and that her favorite day of the year is Christmas. As soon as we pull out the wrapping paper and start putting presents under the tree she is there checking them out like a little kid. We never tell her which ones are hers but the ones for her are the only ones she gets into trouble with before Christmas. Come Christmas day she is right there helping us unwrap and being ever so gentle.

This year I bought her a feeding puzzle toy. I put her breakfast in it the night before. The I put it in a box and wrapped it up. I made sure Alex gave it to her first thing. She carefully pulled off the wrapping paper. I then joked that she would have to figure out how to open the box. Next thing I know she uses her nose to lift the lid and is happily grabbing her toy. She is one smart cookie. She spent the rest of the time getting her kibble out of the toy. Out of all the toys we have given her I think this one is the most successful. Whenever someone grabs it now she is right there hoping you put something good in it.

Usually I can't get Ginger to leave a bow on her head. I happened to find a spot this year where she didn't notice it and though it deserved a picture in front of our tree.

After my couple weeks of relaxation in NH visiting friends and family I went back to OH. I then visited some friends from undergrad in a quick whirlwind trip that included surprisings one of my hosts and getting there right before the new year. I don't quite remember how I got the nickname of ninja in undergrad but it has stuck with me even after. So much so that one of the families I stayed with combined my nickname with my love of baking to give me a ninjabread cookie kit. Sometime soon I think I will make them as I don't have anything I need to do until next Monday when classes start back up. Until then I will continue to rest, relax, recharge. TTFN.