Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Fourth is with Me

Today is Star Wars Day so I thought I would post a picture I found.  The fourth or rather God is with me because I had an unexpected job interview this week.  At the end of February/ beginning of March I submitted my resume and cover letter to an emergency veterinary clinic that was reopening in Meredith under new ownership.  However, they did not have any positions left at that time.  I had dropped them from my mind after that, thinking I would probably be stuck at the store until veterinary school.  This Monday I received an e-mail from the manager asking for a phone interview.  The manager wasn't asking to have the interview down the road but that week.  I had the interview Tuesday and I am now waiting to see if I will be working at an emergency clinic until vet school.  God is very good!

I have finally finished my design and can get on to the actual fabric part.  I don't really need a physical design.  I could have jumped right to the fabric but I always feel better with a design in front of me.  This picture is a combination of the two photos I was given.  It is not the actual design that I drew out but can give you some idea of where I am going with this quilt.  There are some things that are going to change from this image but you can wait until I post pictures of the quilt as it progresses to figure out what those changes will be (That means you get to play spot the differences).  Until then may God bless you and may the fourth be with you!