Sunday, August 26, 2012

...Go, Going, (Almost) Gone

Here is the progress I have made since the last post.  My mom has allowed me to use the fusible webbing that she has so I have made significant progress.  Anytime I have stopped I have taken a picture of the quilt.  I had originally thought I might give this away as a gift but I have since grown too attached to it.  Not only did I have the idea for several years before I actually started to make it but I have spent a lot of time on creating this quilt.  I think it will look very good as a bedroom quilt.  Just means I need to make a smaller traditional gift sized quilted picture for a gift.

This is after I had finished the sky.  I really liked the way it turned out.  I was trying to think how I could do it like the Ecuador Sunrise but then I found I could offset each color and it turned out much better.

After the sky I added the mountains.  What is the interesting thing about this quilt is it is one mountain range spanning across the four seasons.

The lake was then added next.  The lake consists of several layers of wavy water color fabrics.

Hills were then added between the mountains and the lake.  It is just two hills but like the mountain range the hills span through the four seasons currently making then seem like more than two hills.  Also added were evergreen trees between the mountains and the hills.

A reflection was added in the lake along with the near side bank of the lake.

After I had fused all the pieces on I then added 1/2" strips of brown to create the window.  However, I found that the mid line would cut through the trees so I moved the mid line up and cut a small strip from the bottom so that the top and the bottom would be equal in length.

This is how it looks without the strip hanging out near the bottom.  I also added a shear white piece over the winter portion of the lake to act as ice.  My brother is the one who asked if I was going to have the lake iced over for the winter.  At first I thought no but then decided it looked good with it.

I have now gotten the window frame added to the quilt and am ready to quilt parts of the inside.  After that I will put a backing on it and it will be ready to be a wall quilt.  I may or may not add some trees or something to the different seasons but it depends on how much time I have left to spend on it.  It might just be done as it is.

I will visit Tuft's on Tuesday, have my last day of work on Friday, and then leave Saturday to go back to Houghton.  I may or may not get to spay a cat before I leave.  I was supposed to last Thursday but the cat had escaped the trap.  It seems like Dr. Tighe really wants me to spay a cat before I leave.  If I don't then I can probably look forward to doing one when I am done with my undergrad years in December.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

3, 2, 1...

Progress!  I have finally cut a piece of white muslin to the size I want it with a 1/4" seam allowance.  On it I drew approximately what will be on it so I have some idea of how far certain fabrics need to go.  Seen around it are the various pieces of fabric I have bought from the sale room of Keepsake Quilters on my way home from the orthodontist in North Conway.  Missing are some of the whites I got as well as the many fabrics I have access to from my school collection and my mom's collection.  Hopefully I have enough fusible webbing to start putting it together tonight but if not I will just have to wait.  I just have to have it done by August 31st before I head back to school on September 1st.  This will be my last semester of undergrad.  I also plan to submit my applications before heading back as well.  Back to the grind I go.