Thursday, July 18, 2013

Between Rocks

My personal goal for this quilt was to have it done by August 1st.  I had to set a goal because I kept putting it off and I really wanted to work on it.  It has been a lovely quilt to work on and try new things.  However, I will be going away for two weeks starting Sunday so ideally I want to finish it before I leave.  This is actually feasible because it is almost there.

Trees were added trying a new approach where I just cut large 'confetti' or 'snippets' and have them fall onto the fabric.  I found I should have placed a green piece of fabric behind so I didn't have to make sure all the spaces were covered and there were no small white spaces peeking through.

Fields were added next.  However, if I were thinking I would have put the trees, bushes, and barn down after the first field and before the second but things still worked out.

The last fields and the road were then added.  After ironing things down and thinking about it a little more I would have made the upper two grass pieces one piece so the distant stone wall could be moved around a little more instead of having to cover the seam of the pieces.

The trees, bushes, and barn were added.  I really liked the look of the orange trees and will be making more of them with that fabric for future quilts I am sure.

The quilt has really progressed but then I hit a stone wall, not quite literally but close to it.  The black spaces in the photo are where I will be putting in stone walls.  However, I have never created stone walls with fabric before and found it to be quite challenging.

At first I attempted to create a stone wall free hand. Although my mom said it looked good I just was not satisfied with the look so I tried again.

This time I didn't do a free hand approach but traced the pieces onto fusible webbing from my design and went from there.  I was much more satisfied with this piece so I added it to the quilt.  I also added the last fabric details to the barn.

Now all that is left is the last stone wall which should go much more smoothly now I have practiced.  I also just have some threaded details.  Then it is deciding whether to add a border or just give it the backing.  I am very excited to finish this up and get it to its wonderful owner.  I guess I need to start thinking of names for it.  I am also very excited to go to Pennsylvania and hang out with a horse vet and a food animal vet.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wandering Feet

It's been a while and not because I have been traveling.  Been reading and working a lot.  I even spayed some more cats.  Today I have finally started to really work on what I call Molly's Quilt.  No real name for it yet but I probably will once it is done.

As you can see the sky is done.  I am hoping to work on the main tree section and have that done by tonight.

In other news I will be traveling to PA where I will be for a few weeks.  I will be doing an internship of a sort.  There is an equine vet some friends of mine were able to connect me with who is willing to have me ride along and is also willing to talk to another vet who does cows to see if I can split my time between them.  She left the time I will be going up to me so I just have to get back to her about then and I will be set.  Well back to my quilting break and them hopefully more art quilting!