Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time Machine

 I guess it's been a rather long time since I've done anything here. You know school is keeping you busy and you're having a good time when you forget that you wrote letters to people. This week I  ended up getting a letter and a text from two different people saying they got my letter and enjoyed reading it. I read them and the first thing that came to mind was I had time to write letters and I actually did and sent them. When did I do that?

Since it has been so long I'll take you in my TARDIS, starting with Thanksgiving break and ending at my last post.

I had a clinical pathology final Monday before break. I did really well too. I have now passed two of my classes this first semester. I have been on Thanksgiving break since I got out of anatomy lab Tuesday afternoon. As I didn't have a car in Columbus, my grandparents came to pick me up. We went out for lunch and then we were on our way two hours northeast where I have spent a relaxing few days. Grandpa gave me quite the tour and overview of my new car while grandma took me for some retail therapy. Thanksgiving we had a lot of family over, which I hadn't seen in some time, and we had a wonderful time. I ended Thanksgiving skyping with my NH family and ended up getting a screenshot of us all.

Yesterday we went and saw Big Hero 6 and then relaxed the rest of the day. Today I watched OSU beat that thing up north (*ichigan) and they WON! I guess I'm becoming a true buckeye.
 Now I just have about three weeks of classes and finals and then I will be in NH for a few weeks.

Two weekends before my clinical pathology final I was able to relax. There were no immediate exams I had to study for. I went on a retreat to Hocking Hills with Christian Veterinary Fellowship. We had an amazing yet cold time and got to know each other well while reflecting on God. Even though it is pretty flat compared to what I am used to hiking it was well worth it and had gorgeous views. We also had an amazing cabin we stayed in for the weekend. I look forward to doing it again next year.

A friend from CVF in front of a frozen waterfall.

Another frozen waterfall. I thought the way the sun was made this an interesting picture.

I also thought these rocks were interesting near the same waterfall.

The roots on this tree along with the stone wall caught my eye.

The sun hit this cliff section and I wanted to capture it.

What happened before Hocking Hills? I had four exams in four weeks. I passed all of them and that us all that matters. That was definitely a tough four weeks though going from studying for one exam to the next. Took a lot out of me. I was definitely glad when the Hocking Hills weekend came! And that brings me back to where I left off last time.

What about more non-academic stuff you say. Well I did end up getting a car and I will be driving it home tomorrow. My grandfather was quite excited to be able to find me a car and one that seems to have been gently used for a 10 year old car. Less than 70,000 miles and the person I bought it from was the first owner.

I will soon be helping out with kids ministries at church. I had an informal interview and was put on the schedule. I start the second Sunday of December. I look forward to it. So far I've found the time I have spent with kids from church to be refreshing after all my vet school stuff.

Clubs are starting to wrap up for the year. CVF had a going away potluck for one of our advisers and we have our last Bible study Monday. I signed up for snacks which means it is time to bring out the Mastin caramel corn as it is that time of the year. Food animal club is having a breakfast cook-off contest on Friday. I don't have any classes that day so I am trying to figure out if it is worth it to wake up early when I don't need to. Monday night the kickboxing group is going out to dinner and we are giving our teacher a Christmas gift. Tuesday I have a class secret Santa party which is also an honor ceremony for our cadaver dogs. Our class presidents organized this event. We will be having a potluck, exchanging gifts, and collecting items to take to a local shelter (which is in honor of our cadaver dogs).

That's about it I'm trying to figure out what I will do in Columbus for two weeks after I get back from NH but before classes begin. I am also trying to figure out what I want my summer to look like. I'm thinking of doing the business minor which is the only program of its kind at any vet school. We'll see where I am led.

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with friends and family and you plan on having an awesome Christmas remembering the birth of our savior, Christ.