Friday, September 5, 2014

Biking Around

I have now finished my second week. We got eased into things in terms of the number of days we went these first two weeks. We started August 27th and went for three days. Then we had a long weekend which made this week only four days. We have not been eased into our classes that much though. From day one we jumped right in and have a massive amount of information thrown at us. As one professor put it we are in a language immersion course. It is definitely true because there is a lot of new terminology that we have to figure out. It is used repetitively though so after a bit we get used to it.

Wednesday we have our first anatomy quiz which is on the muscles and bones of the thoracic limb. That is a lot of material and it will give us an idea of just how massive our future exams will be. Overall I am enjoying classes. Some of them are review. Others are slowly teaching us how to read CBCs. That class is much better after the initial shock of the amount of material and getting used to the terminology. Right now it is turning into one of the classes I enjoy the most.

Not only are we having information thrown at us in classes but in clubs as well. Clubs at the vet school are in recruitment mode right now. What this means is about everyday during lunch you get free food (if you RSVP). It also means that you are writing checks because in order to join clubs you have to pay dues. So far I have found a few that I am looking forward to joining. I'll write more on clubs later.

You might be asking yourself - does she have any free time? The answer is not really. If you want to have free time when you don't study or do anything school related you have to make time. So far I have made time to join a group of 2nd year girls who started a kickboxing group their 1st year. My big sib is part of it so I thought I'd try it out. I also make time to bike around the city.

This may not be the best of bikes but so far it has gotten me around pretty well. Near the veterinary campus, close to the towers and the football stadium there is a trail called the Olentangy River Trail. It can be crowded but it is very nice.

This is the river that runs along the trail. At various points on the trail there are bridges that cross it. As you go across you can see many geese. Today I even saw a man fly fishing.

At points along the trail there are sections that merge. This is one such section. In the background on the left is Schottenstein Center where a few weeks ago I went and picked up my football tickets.

Today on my way past I biked close to the football stadium (the horseshoe or shoe for short). Come  tomorrow the area will be packed for the 1st home game of the season.

I will eventually sit in this stadium but it won't be until later in the season. Yesterday I got a little taste as I watched the marching band practice their routine for tomorrows game. They are really something to watch in person and will be amazing to see in the stadium with all the fans. I should probably go study. Until next time, TTFN!

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