Sunday, September 21, 2014

Surviving School: the non-class stuff

So after a month I'm still loving it. I managed to pass my first anatomy quiz even though there were only 20 questions but loads of information. This week starts off an exam a week. Cell bio midterm is tomorrow. Then clinical pathology is the following Monday. Then the Monday after that is Anatomy. Enough about school though, I promised to talk about clubs the next time I wrote.

There is a plethora of clubs on campus and each one you have to pay dues to join. The cost varies from free (extremely rare) to $55 or more. So what clubs did I join? I joined the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association which by joining for 4 years gets me into the midwest veterinary conference for free (the cost of which one year is equal to OVMA membership for 4 years). SCAVMA is another one I joined. This is the student chapter of the American veterinary medical association and just about everyone joins to try and be a member in good standing for the perks after graduation.

Surgery club is one that everyone joins because of the way school is set up. During your first two years you have lecture based learning. Your third year you get more of the surgery/hands on learning. Then 4th year is all clinical. From day one you can go into the hospital whenever you want but it is on your own. Surgery club augments your learning and helps you learn the skills you'll start learning 3rd year. You end up getting a jump on things. This week is the start of the required technique labs for surgery club. These are basic hand tying, instrument handling, and suture labs that are the basis for surgery.

VBMA is the veterinary business management association. It provides lunch and dinner lectures (with really good food) that gives you business information. They also have a certificate program that can show an employer you have learned about topics in business. It is not the business minor program. Zoo animal club I joined to be exposed to exotic and wildlife animals.

The last club I joined, which doesn't have dues, is Christian Veterinary Fellowship. They have weekly Bible studies, are planning a retreat to Hocking Hills and are trying to figure out either domestic, international, or both mission trips. I look forward to getting to know this great group of people.

Outside of school I have found a church. It is called Veritas and has two campuses. The one I go to is located in an elementary school. I also joined a community group from that church. I went once and thought I wouldn't be going again because CVF was changing their Bible study time to what I thought was the same time. However, they ended up changing to a different day entirely so I guess I'll be able to keep going.

That's all for now. Better head off to church and then spend the rest of the day studying. TTFN.

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